Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Black and White Wednesday: Cheers

Vodka with a splash of lime didn't appear in my last food fiction by accident. It is one of my favourite poison!

So tell me, what's yours?

This is off to Susan's Black and White Wednesday.


  1. This is our favourite drink too. One good thing is you don't get hangovers :-)
    Beautiful pic.

  2. Awesome click... love the fun created by the shadows..

  3. Love how clear the liquid and glass look, not to mention that slice of lime!

  4. Beautiful shot aqua, cloudy, dreamy, the liquid perfect

  5. As Sandeepa said, it's dreamy. The light, clarity, and dimensionality are just great. OK, pour me one. ; )

    Thanks, Aqua, for sharing your libation for BWW.


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