Thursday, June 2, 2011

My legume Love Affair - 36

In the food blogging world, there are some events that are iconic. Susan's brainchild, My Legume Love Affair (MLLA for short) is one such event.

MLLA has been around for over 3 years now (with bloggers lining up and then waiting impatiently for their turn to host the event) and it gives me immense pleasure to (finally!) host MLLA - 36.

To me, the best part about the event is in the simplicity of the idea - cooking with legumes - making it one of the easiest events to take part in.

Oh and there are some cool prizes to be won as well:

1) Super Smoothies: 50 Recipes for Health and Energy by Sara Corpening Whiteford and Mary Corpening Barber. This prize is offered by Susan without influence at her expense, and she will also absorb worldwide shipping charges. F.T.C. Notice: Susan does not receive any compensation from Amazon.

2) Hurst Bean Box - A case of six bags of the winner's choice of Hurst Bean products, suitable for every diet, sponsored by Hurst Bean. (Due to shipping restrictions, this prize can only be awarded if the winner is a U.S. resident.) F.T.C. Notice: In May 2010, Susan, at her request, received two Hurst Bean complimentary products which are not available for purchase in her local markets. Susan does not generally accept free products from Hurst Bean nor is she financially compensated by them.

3) Drawing Structure - If the winner is a U.S. resident, she/he will be the recipient of both Prizes 1 and 2 above. In the event that an international winner is drawn, a second drawing will be conducted from the U.S. pool of entrants to ensure that the Hurst Prize is awarded every month. In these instances, the international winner will receive the book, and the U.S. winner will receive the Hurst Prize.

So what do you need to do to win one of the prizes? Just blog a recipe about legumes. Simple, isn't it?

But hey, before you quickly hit the 'publish' button on your legume post, do take a look at the event guidelines:

1) Any cuisine, any culture, all courses (appetizers, main course, dessert), vegetarian, vegan or non-vegetarian - the choice is yours - are welcome as long as 'legumes' are the star, the main ingredient.
(Legumes essentially refer to and include fresh or dried pulses, beans, lentils, peas and/or the edible pods that contain these seeds. Derivative products such as besan or tofu also make the cut.
Yes, tamarind, fenugreek seeds, carob, peanuts do form part of the legume family. However, if your recipe contains these or for that matter, any other legume in small quantities, like say a spoonful, or as a garnish, or as an auxillary or an optional ingredient, your entry will NOT qualify for the event).

2) Multiple entries are permitted, but restricted to a maximum of 10 per participant. Please note that for the random drawing, only ONE entry will be considered.

3) Archived entries are welcome, but have to be updated and reposted as current.

4) Recipes submitted to MLLA - 36 can be shared with other events.

5) Don't have a blog, but have an awesome recipe to share? Sure, send it in!

6) The use of the MLLA - 36 logo is optional.

Link your entry to Susan's host line-up page and this announcement and email it to me: aquadaze{at}rediffmail{dot}com with the following details:

Your name
Blog name and blog URL
Post title and post URL
Your location (essential for the prizes, but will not be published)
(do not attach any photos with your mail as the round-up will not include photos)

I will acknowledge all your entries via e-mail; if you do not receive a reply from me within 5 days of mailing me, do leave a comment on this post.

The last date for sending your entries is June 30th and the round-up will be posted in the first week of July.

So go ahead and hit the publish button on your legume posts!


  1. Happy hosting,will send my entries..

  2. I agree when you say "iconic" Aqua :-). MLLA is a special event and happy hosting it. Will try to send in some for you. :0)

    Hope all is well at your end.


  3. Also I have added this to my events blog:

    The more entries the merrier. Isn't it. :-)


  4. Happy hosting dear, I will surely try to something over :)

  5. Hi new to this event, so a query. I always thought that it meant every month a new legume to be tried and cooked with? Or is it open to just about anything? Plz. clarify. Would love to participate!

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  7. happy hosting lovely site
    check out the event in my site

  8. Thank you, everyone. Looking fwd to receiving those entries.

    Siri, thanks a million, was planning to leave a comment on events&roundups in any case :)

    Taste Junction, you can cook with just about ANY legume of your choice.

  9. Just sent you my entry. Thanks for hosting this month.

  10. hey nice event.. will send u some of mine.. enjoy hosting

  11. Hey,

    There is an award waiting for you!


  12. First time here dear !! u have wonderful blog !! happy hosting !!

  13. Thanks for hosting! I just sent in my entry: Vegan Grilled Bean Burger

  14. Hi Aqua! I'm here to link one of my recipes to this great event and that too for the first time ever...! Will mail you the details. Thanks so much for your time and efforts in hosting this lovely event!

  15. Hi Aqua,

    I sent you an email with my entry on June 16, but never got a response. Just checking to make sure you got it. Here's the post:


  16. Hello Aqua,
    I'm afraid the email about my submission may have been lost in cyberspace :) Here is my post:

    Thanks for hosting the roundup!

  17. hi
    sent 2entries to ur wonderful event to ur mail...



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