Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Announcing : MY FAVOURITE THINGS EVENT - Frozen Desserts

Thank You Bindiya, for entrusting me with hosting My Favourite Things this month!

(if any one of you would like to host this lovely event and showcase your favourite food, drop a mail to Bindiya at bindiyasingh7(at)gmail(dot)com)

Deciding the theme for this one wasn't easy - when it comes to food, there are just too many things I really like. But this event - and a fabulous one at that - is about that one favourite thing. So how was I to decide that one favourite thing?

Well it is like this - I have a huge sweet tooth. And if I were really, really hungry and had to choose either a full platter of food or a small portion of some dessert, I would still choose the dessert, preferably, ice cream! Yeah, no doubt about it, it is my favourite thing!

Share my love for ice creams? Oh yes, I see you nodding vigorously!

© Mike Cassell

So join me in this month's My Favourite Things and make your favourite FROZEN DESSERT.....bring in those ice creams, gelatos, sorbets, frozen yoghurts, kulfis , ice kachangs, ice cream cakes......drool.....that is some variety there!

Some guidelines for participation:

1. Make your favourite FROZEN DESSERT and post it in your blog between April 1 - April 30, 2009.

2. Please do not re-post archived posts for this event - after all summer is here, there's no better time to make and enjoy FROZEN DESSERTS!!

Still cold weather, some said. Oh but the pleasure of eating Frozen Desserts in cold weather is something else. I'm thinking ice cream with hot apple pie or a warm brownie or in a cup of hot espresso!

3. Link your post to this announcement and Bindiya's My Favourite Things announcement on her blog.

4. Mail your entry to servedwithlove.aquadaze(at)gmail(dot)com with the following details:

Name of the frozen dessert
Name of your blog
URL of the post
A picture of your entry

5. Do use the logo wherever possible, though this is optional.

6. Non bloggers, please do share your frozen desserts with us, just mail me the recipe and a picture at the above address.

7. Multiple entries are more than welcome!!

So, do rush in your frozen desserts really soon - I am greedily waiting to slurp all your lovely FROZEN DESSERTS!!


  1. something is seriously wrong - I have been unable to publish my post all morning, even now I am unable to upload the logo...pls do bear with me, hopefully will be able to tomorrow!

  2. SUMMER!!Where? Please send that to me!!!;D

    Some of us are still freezing here with snow and ice. NC is lot better, warm but not yet hot.
    Well..wrong time for us to make frozen stuff but will see if I can make something for you at the end of April or sooner! :)

  3. Well i will be soon going for a 2 weeks break and when i am back i will try to send you somthing frozen.

  4. Hi hi i loved asha's comment Summer where :-)

  5. Hmmm...oh asha, singapore is smoldering at an avg daily temp of 33 deg C...want to swap the temperatures? I'd love to :)

  6. My son is the only one who dig ice cream in cold weather. I will think of ur event!

  7. The theme is very apt for the season.Summer has unofficially started here..I should start making some frozen desserts :)

  8. Great theme Aqua...perfect for the season...have to think of something.

  9. Thats a diff. and great theme! Will see if I can pitch in as I'm not great at desserts! :)

  10. Great theme to celebrate summer !!

  11. Great theme and Cheenai has become really hot, so must try something.

  12. Good theme - perfect for the sweltering heat:)

  13. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice words :)

    You have a nice space too! will send something for your event soon :)

  14. Will send something for this event! Have a similar event for summer in my blog! Pls, do join!

  15. lovely theme aqua, will definately send something...thanks for visiting my blog and for the wonderful comment :)

  16. YAY!!Love the logo A, will post for you next week. Thanks.
    It's still Tuesday evening for us here, so you have to wait for 12+hrs to see my Wednesday post at FH! ;D

  17. i will definetely send one..nice event!!

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