Friday, March 20, 2009

Announcing Presto Pasta Nights # 106

I am delighted to be your host for PPN # 106 this week, an event started by the amazing Ruth of Once Upon a Feast!

Considering that this the 106th instalment of an event which is now in its 3rd year, I think PPN doesn't need any introduction. This event has a very simple pre-requisite - all you need to do is cook with noodles.

That's it? Well, yes.

"The dish must have some sort of noodle, it doesn't have to be traditional Italian type pasta, it can be hot, cold, salad, soup, main, dessert, or anything else, but it must have some kind of noodle".

Simple enough, isn't it?! Click here for further details.

So just cook with your favourite noodle and post it in your blog mentioning the link to the Presto Pasta Nights website and to the PNN #106 announcement (that would be this post) and send it over to me at:

aquadaze(AT)rediffmail(DOT)com with a copy to Ruth at:

Include the following details in your e-mail:

Your name
Your blog name and URL
URL of your post
A photo of your dish

Not having a blog need not deter you, just send mail me the recipe and the picture!

PPN #106 runs between March 21st - March 26th. The round up will be done on March 27th. So hurry - Ruth and I are eagerly looking forward to your entries!


  1. All the best for the event..looks great

  2. I have never sent anything to this event or may be once long time ago, I think. Enjoy hosting! :)

  3. Nice! For a second I thought we had to use the Presto brand pasta sauce but.... :)
    Will send in something :)

  4. Sounds like a fun event, happy hosting !

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for ur visit at my blog :)
    All the best for the event hosting:) Enjoy!

  6. What a fantastic idea, I am thinking of making lasagna this weekend = )

  7. Congratulations on hosting Aqua....could I send an archived entry?

  8. hey aqua, can i send the ramen noodle dish that i posted 2 days before?

  9. happy hosting dear.. shall i send my archived one.

  10. Hey all...thanks for your wishes, but I am a little greedy, I want entries from you in addition to your wishes!

    A,N, girljapan - looking fwd to your entry.

    poornima, hema, jz - old entries are OK so long as they are re-posted and the the links mentioned added.

  11. I never sent anything to this event, I will do my best!

  12. I will try to send in something :)
    Happy hosting!

  13. Hope you get lots of entries,I did post a pink pasta recipe last week,I'll repost it.About the almond recipe,I'll send to nuts event soon(I'm waiting for a yes from the host of T&T).

  14. I posted my recipe and send now my details


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