Friday, March 12, 2010

Presto Pasta Nights - 155

Spaghetti looks a lot like string
Bow-tie is my favourite thing

Rigatoni is quite round
How does penne pasta sound?

The sauce on top is often red
You can try some cheese instead

Garlic butter tastes quite nice
And then there’s always salsa spice

Macaroni and alphabet soup
Fit into a spoon’s small scoop

Other noodles must be twirled
By people all around the world

On forks, chopsticks and fingers, too
(Unless you cut them up in two)

All sorts of pasta shapes are fun
Try them all until you are done

(courtesy my daughter, who got this rhyme in school!)

Yes, you got it! I am this week's host for Presto Pasta Nights - 155.

All you have to do - just bring them out - pastas or noodles and dress them up any way you want to: soups, starters, main course or even dessert! Go classic Italian or draw inspiration from any other cuisine. Need more details? Just hop here .

Then, post your creation in your blog (your post must include the link to the Presto Pasta Nights website and to the PNN #155 announcement - that would be this post) and mail it to me at: aquadaze(AT)rediffmail(DOT)com

Do mark a copy to Ruth at: ruth(AT)4everykitchen(DOT)com

Include the following details in your e-mail:

Your name
Your blog name and URL
Name of your submission and URL of your post
A photo

Don't have a blog, but have a super recipe that you want to share? Just mail me the recipe and the picture!

PPN #155 runs between March 12th - March 18th. Check back on the 19th for the round-up.
Looking forward to your delicious entries!


  1. HBDTU!HBDTU!! May God bless u!
    Have a great day!!Wishing u many many more to come dear :)

    The theme looks great...happy hosting!

  2. hey AD,
    It's a cute poem :)on pasta

  3. Great announcement. Thanks for hosting this week's PResto Pasta Night.

  4. Alright. Time to put my pasta thinking cap back on. That poem is so cute!

  5. lovely poem..happy hosting!

  6. whatever the rythm I just love pastas !! cheers Pierre from Paris in france

  7. Just submitted my entry - done something with that little thing that fits into a spoon’s small scoop :D

  8. Love the poem! If that doesn't bring out the kid in all of us, nothing will.

  9. Loved ur poem dear ..
    hey iam hosting a giveaway if ur intrested pls stop by at my blog if u get a chance .


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