Friday, March 19, 2010

Presto Pasta Nights- 155: The Round-Up is the weekend and hence time for the round up of Presto Pasta Nights - 155. Say, you were waiting for the round-up, weren't you? It's been worth the wait, let me assure you. For here is a very eclectic collection: from classic Italian to the very Korean and then some in between!

Take a look....

A myriad of flavours happily intermingle in one of the best noodle dishes she has ever made.

Not something that you would find in a restaurant, but her healthy and delicious homestyle dish can be made in a jiffy.

When her unwell daughter needs something delicious and healthy to get back on her feet quick, she knows exactly what to make.

Tell me honestly, don't you feel like grabbing her bowl and slurping

For over 3 years now, she's been organising this great party every Friday night in the blogosphere, the one we all know as Presto Pasta Nights. She has something week, here's what she has for us this week.

When it looks as good as this, like her, you would help yourself to some, irrespective of what time of the day it is!

She takes inspiration from the land of the rising sun and revives some leftovers.

She doesn't like them coming in a jar, but does make an exception sometimes!

She wields a magic wand that makes her food....well....multi-task.

She stirs up a quick meal and regales you with a walk down memory lane.

She manages to take a picture before everyone descended on it and licked the plate clean!

Psst...this is her family's favourite.

This is so easy to put together that they made child's play out of it!

Oh, you'll break into a sweat, not while making it, but when eating it! But you will derive pleasure from your pain, she assures us.

When she yearns for some comfy food, nothing can come in the way!

A classic that never fails to satisfy. And she takes the taste up a few notches with her own spin on it.

She is enticing you with more than just this plate of goodness!

This is her take on instant noodles, made the healthy way.

So tell me, don't you agree that we all spoilt for choice? Personally, for me, it has been a very enriching event. So many new blogs to explore and new things to make. So, a heartfelt "thank you" for for such fabulous entries.
It is evening here and I am headed to the kitchen to fix tonight's dinner, thoroughly inspired by all these delicious entries. Hope you are all similarly inspired!
Oh and if you missed this week's Presto Pasta Nights, do join in the fun next week at Our Taste of Life.


  1. Great looking roundup of pastas. Thanks for hosting Presto Pasta Night Roundup this week.

    Now I'm off to sample each one.

  2. Nice roundup!! I like the use of 'her' and 'they' rather than the full blog name!! Didnt realise we are neighbours!

  3. Hey AD,
    Loved the way u've have presented the round up :) the 'she's, her's sound exciting :) ya like u said it's time one gets inspired to fix a wonderful looking meal after viewing such a wonderful compilation :)
    Enjoy the weekend

  4. Nice roundup dear.. she and her's looks so good.

  5. A great round-up, many colorful and healthy dishes to try out...bookmarked this page

  6. Delicious, absolutely delicious!
    Now to choose....

  7. Thank you for the roundup! What a lovely spread of delicious looking pasta to choose from this week.

  8. Awesome roundup aquadaze! Love all the entries. Thanks for accepting my entry.

  9. So many new blogs to go around! Great tasty pasta dishes , lovely round-up!

  10. Wow, so many pasta dish to try out..lovely roundup

  11. Such a gorgeous round-up! I love the way you presented the entries.

  12. What an excellent roundup!! You really maKe it so I HAVE to go to each one.


  13. What a delicious round-up! You did an excellent job on it. Thanks for hosting and for including my pasta!

  14. Thanks for hosting this week! All the entries look amazing!


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