Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lemongrass Iced Tea

There are certain bloggers that I am envious of. There, I said it. are curious. Why, you wonder?

Because of the comments they receive, you guess. Because of the followers they have, you are sure.

Well, NO.

Then, WHY? The question resounds loudly.

If you have been blog hopping, you would have noticed how some of the bloggers are going on and on about spring. That spring is at their doorstep, that they can just feel it in the air.

And here in Singapore, the weather is oppressively HOT! On a good day, the temperature is 31 deg C. Most of the other days, we are roasting under a balmy 34 deg C!

So tell me, can you fault me for feeling envious of all those bloggers talking about the onset of spring, my favourite season?

Yes, being a equatorial country, Singapore does not have any seasons. It is hot and humid all year round. That said, this last fortnight has been particularly hot and dry. Some evenings, dark clouds gather and obscure the sun, and we think, at last, there'll be some rain today, some respite from the unending heat. I stretch my hand out of the window and strain my ears to hear the sound of thunder - but, nothing! The sun is back in its full glory and I am left wiping the small droplets of sweat from my face!

With the humidity and heat the way it is, sipping water frequently is essential. But then, there are times when I need something more than just water to beat the heat. Sometimes, it is a glass of juice, other times, this dried roselle iced tea, sometimes, nothing but a tall glass of strawberry shake will do.

My favourite, however, is this lemongrass iced tea. These days, I brew some tea early in the morning and keeping sipping it through the day.

Not much of a recipe, but here's what I do.

Take 2 stalks of lemongrass for one glass of tea. Cut off an inch from the root and peel off the fibrous outer layers to reveal the pinkish-white inner stalk. Run a rolling pin over the length of the stalk to release the flavours and then chop it up into 1" long pieces.

Add these to water and bring it to a boil, simmer for 2 minutes. Turn off the gas, drop in a tea bag, cover and let it steep for 2-3 mins, after which discard only the tea bag. Cut a kaffir lime leaf into thin strips and add these to the tea, cover and allow to steep till it reaches room temperature. Strain and pour over plenty of ice cubes.
(Lemongrass has a very delicate flavour, so do use a very light tea or else the flavour of the tea will overpower that of the lemongrass).

Squeeze in few drops of lime juice and sweeten with some sugar syrup or honey. I prefer to use honey. Garnish with some juliennes of kaffir lime leaves and a slice of lime.

Before you rush to sip it, inhale the aroma - lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves and tea leaves - the aroma is itself is refreshing! A great way to beat that heat!!

This delightfully refreshing and aromatic lemongrass iced tea with is on its way to The Well Seasoned Cook, Susan, the host this week for WHB - 223, event started by Kalyn and currently run by Haalo.

Also sending this to Madhuri who is hosting Serve Me Some: Juices, Shakes and Smoothies


  1. Refreshing and nice shots too.

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  4. Wow! nicely clicked..feeling like having this iced tea right now..

  5. What a beautiful shot, is it real..looks fabulous..& refreshing..

  6. I envy your hot weather, but then not so hot that is indeed very hot there.
    I am sure gonna make this drink in the smmer time, that is if it gets hot here, the ways it is going here these days i think we will be in winter the whole year :-)

  7. I can understand ur feelings abt india we never had spring but when i was in swiss last yr i was truly amazed by the beauty of flowers blossoming in spring, its breath taking!
    Lemongrass iced tea sounds so refreshing, i cud use one right now!
    Love that click!

  8. Superb presentation...Looks so refreshing and yummy!!

  9. Wow, I just got off a Thai curry cooking bent, and so the fact that you have fresh lemongrass and fresh kaffir lime leaves is making me JEALOUS. I had to resort to the bottled, dried variety. So I'll trade a little bit of my spring weather here for a little bit of your spices.
    Ingenious drink BTW, I would have never thought of putting them in iced tea.
    Stay cool!

  10. I just wrote a loong comment and it just went "error". I am so angry today at the blogger, you can't believe it!

    Tea looks deliciously cold, just need Summer heat here to enjoy that yummy drink! :)

  11. hi AD,
    Spring is something that I have witnessed in snaps and movies :) not here in India...the summer is already maddening here, wonder what's it gonna be like in the next 2 months :(
    neways...itseems lemon grass alos has cooling uses it in flavouring the chaans...
    the iced tea looks really beautiful and perfect to keep cool :)

  12. Very refreshing :)

    We are having snow here, hope spring will spring up soon..

    Glad that you liked the camphor oil post, you are sending some entries nah?

  13. Iced teas are must for summer. this one looks very cooling and like this idea of lemon grass tea.

  14. Clicking a drink is usually very tricky! But this one is excellent!
    Aah about Sing weather, I visited 2 years back, Gosh I felt like south-India, the sun was scorching! I imagine u guys always with ice cream and drink!

  15. Wat an excellent drink...very refreshing..

  16. Oooh, I want us to move into Summer to enjoy one of those. Like Ann, I too am jealous. The kafir lime and the lemon grass are so exhorbitant out here, it is cheaper to eat Thai food in restaurants than to cook it at home!
    Love the click. Now off to check what else I missed. I can already see a rabbit.

  17. Sorry - I have been guilty of that too - but dont worry - we are getting there very very fast - soon we will be moaning like you!

  18. Hey there,
    Why don't you send this over to my event as well. It looks great! I could do with a glass of it right now myself :)

  19. Wow perfect presentation dear...Iced tea looks refreshing and cool...

  20. I make lemongrass tea often but most of the times I have it hot. One time I had it liked iced tea with mint.

    Glasses look refreshing.

  21. very nice! never thought of adding the kaffir leaf. I love your site. Will add it in my blog roll if you don't mind. :)

  22. If you really want. We can trade. I will take your heat. And you can take my 20 degree (F) weather. Deal?

    I'll also take a glass of this delicious tea. Thanks!

  23. I have tasted lemon grass in tea at one of my friend's place. I just loved it. Nice pictures.
    I am hosting my first event which is on baking. Check it out if you are interested.

  24. Luv it!!! Greetings from Poland

  25. Refreshing drink!


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