Monday, August 10, 2009

Eggless Mayonnaise

I love mayonnaise, but I don't like it.

Duh...what did I just say, I mean, type?

I like mayonnaise, but I don't like the fact that it contains raw eggs. That is more a reflection of what I want meant. So, much as I love mayo, I tend to avoid it.

Then, one day, while browsing this website, I came across an eggless mayo recipe that sounded simple enough to try.

I tweaked the proportions of the ingredients a just a teeny weeny bit, here's what I did.


Evaporated milk : 1/2 cup
Olive oil: 1/2 cup
Honey - 2 tsps
English mustard: 2 tsps
Lemon juice: 1-2 tbsps*


I used both, my hand held mixie and the blender to make the mayo, if you have a food processor, just use that.

So, pour the milk into a deep vessel and get your hand mixie started. Add the oil to it, 2 tbsps at a time. Once you've added all the oil, add the rest of the ingredients.

Transfer to the blender and whip at the highest speed for a couple of minutes.

Tada...eggless mayo!!


Absolutely delicious!! I did think that the lemon juice was a bit on the higher side when I spread it on sandwiches and burgers, but it was perfect with a potato salad I made.
* So, the next time I plan to add the lemon juice bit by bit, tasting as I add it.

Tomato Egg Sandwich with Eggless Mayo!

Not a recipe really, but then she wants to see our sandwiches. So here goes - brown bread, slap on the mayo and some chilli sauce, layer with boiled egg and tomato slices, top with some Sriracha chilli sauce. Cut it into triangles and chomp away!!

Off to Divya's Show Me Your Sandwich!!


  1. Definitely an interesting post Aqua!!never thought that we can make out mayonnaise without egg..excellent sandwich..

  2. interesting... i end up substituting it with yoghurt which can be used in salads but not in sandwiches. I wonder if evaporated milk is available in Mumbai.

  3. Yummylicious. I am gonna try ur version surely. bookmarked !

  4. Yumm yummm.. You know what. I have added this to my grocery list to be bought tomorrow.. But now you have tempted me.. I am going to try it myself if I am able to get the ingredients here. :)

  5. That was kind of you dear..Great idea and guiltfree..thank you

  6. I sail in the same boat as you. I'm not too fond of mayonnaise becos of the eggs and fat in it. But this recipe is great. I have book marked it.

  7. Wow eggless mayo! Homemade ones are great!

  8. Thanking you big time for this recipe. i do not like mayonnaise & i think it has mostly to do it the idea of egg in it. We order everything mayonnaise free. I have to give this a try.

  9. Really yummy s/w;You have been tagged..please pick up your award in my blog

  10. Always wanted to try eggless mayonnaise...looks yummalicious...

  11. never made mayo at home - with eggs or eggless!! does this taste the same as regular mayo??

  12. Thanks for the recipe...I dnt like the egg in mayo too..shall try this...and nice clicks

  13. Nice idea, Aqua. I buy Nayonnaise or other canola-oil based vegan mayonnaises here which are so delicious, one'd never miss the eggs. Yours contains milk but I wonder if one might be able to recreate this with tofu or vegan sour cream...

  14. Raw eggs are what puts me off mayo too. But this sounds like a great option. Btw the sandwiches looks yumm.

  15. Indeed very creative! like the fact of making the eggless version..looks very good!

  16. i was in search of eggless mayonnaise from a long time, thanks for sharing!

  17. Wow this is one excellent replacement recipe of egg.....thanks for sharing

  18. I love and hate Mayo for exactly the same reasons! I'nm so making this!

  19. I love mayo more than anything else!

  20. I have the same love/ hate relationship with mayo for the same reasons, but would have never thought to try the mayo eggless. This is such a great idea and looks so perfect, looking forward to trying this :-)

  21. awesome idea! thanks a ton!! never tried mayo at home

  22. what exactly is evaporated milk? i dont think we get it in india..
    the mayo looks delicious.:D

  23. thank you all very much!

    hope you like the mayo. If tinned evaporated milk is not available, the same website also has a mayo recipe with condensed milk - or you could even substitute full fat milk; boiling it and reducing it a bit should give the same consistency as evaporated milk.

    superchef: I Haven't tasted mayo in a longggg time, but as far as I can remember, this one tastes as good as the regular one.

    shri: thanks for the tag!!

    vaishali: looking fwd to the vegan version

  24. I love mayonnaise and I like it too :) But this variation sure is worth a try!

  25. I adapted it cuting half of the olive oil with coconut oil. This makes it luciously thick when chilled since coconut oil is a solid at 70 degrees. I also used a high quality white wine vinigar at half the ratio instead of lemon juice. It turned out great.

  26. Parascheva, thank you very much for leaving your feedback. I am glad it worked for you. Using coconut oil is a neat idea, must try it the next time I make the mayo.

  27. This recipe looks super simple to try out. But I am curious... How long will this mayo stay good for? Does it require refrigeration?


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