Monday, June 22, 2009

Eggless, Low Fat Mango Ice Cream

Patience is not a virtue that I have in abundance, and ice cream making really tests my patience. I mean, imagine making the ice cream and then blending it again and again and again and again and again and again - see, aren't you already running out of patience reading 'again and again' - before being able to completely freeze it and eat it! That takes real patience and restraint and so more often than not, I'd end up with store bought ice creams.

But there is nothing like home made ice cream and so finally, last month, I trooped down to an electronics store and bought an ice cream maker.

Ice cream making is such a breeze now - wonder why I waited so long to buy one!!

Most of the ice cream recipes that came along with the ice cream maker or the ones I found on the net used either egg yolk or cream. Considering we have a major sweet tooth and indulge in ice creams very often, I wanted an ice cream that used neither egg yolks or cream - a slightly healthier version.

I was complaining about this to my mum and she mailed me this recipe - this is a recipe that she had in her old recipe book - and boy! what a lovely, creamy ice cream it results in.

I have made numerous flavours - chocolate, lychee, vanilla (you have been warned - I will be posting ice creams very often now!)- but when it is the season for mangoes, how can I not make mango ice cream?

Eggless Low Fat Mango Ice Cream


Low Fat Milk - 400 ml + 50 ml
Unsweetened Skimmed Milk Powder - 40 gms ( I used Saagar Milk Powder)
Sugar - 40 gms (use more or les depending on the sweetness of the mango)
Cornflour - 1 tsp
Mango pulp - 400 ml


Mix together milk powder, sugar and cornflour with 50 ml milk to make a smooth paste without any lumps; this is takes a lot of patience so I whiz mine in the mixie.

Boil the remaining milk, then add the paste slowly stirring continuously and bring it to a boil. Simmer for 2 mins. Let it cool - I cool this in an ice water bath.

Once it cools, add the mango pulp and blend it in the mixie.

Freeze according to your ice cream maker's instructions. Tada....enjoy the delicious and creamy mango ice cream!!

(If you don't have an ice cream maker, then blend the ice cream 4-6 times everytime it reaches a semi -soft stage to break the crystals).


  1. Faboulous mango ice cream Aqua!!!delicious!

  2. Wow what perfect scoops of ice cream, looks heavenly, you can send the click to click:stacks event to!!

  3. Wow beautiful and dlcious.
    Wish i ahd that bowl of pure happiness now :-)

  4. My mom used to make mango kulfi on my birthday when I was a kid... it is still my favourite icecream

  5. Lovely ice cream dear..You should have posted the pic of ur new Ice cream maker too..

  6. Wow.. tasty and guit-free! looks so mouth watering. :)

  7. Very delicious one, and indeed guilt free. Will surely try out. Superb recipe.

  8. mango ice cream looks of my fav.

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  9. It looks heavenly ..very nice tempting recipe

  10. Oh this is awesome! I too prefer ice cream without addition of cream. Now I'm certainly going to give a thought abt purchasing an ice cream maker!

  11. Wow! that looks awesome. I make eggless ice cream too, but not such a fat free version. This one is great.

  12. Awesome icecream, looks just perfect!

  13. That ice cream sounds and looks delicious! A wonderful flavor!



  14. creamy n i have a mango icheem craving!!!

  15. I like the idea of using a blender to give your ice-cream a jump start. Mango's such a great flavor in frozen treats. Your version looks delicious.

  16. this one has come out fab..would have to say..u r the best icecream maker in the blogdom ive come across!!
    perfecto for summer!!

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  18. I also prefer making desserts that dont use raw this dessert is perfect for that! Thanks!

  19. I followed your link from Viki's chicken roundup! Very yummy recipes and nice blog !
    Love your mango icecream...

  20. Love Mango in any form....this looks delicious....

  21. im waiting to buy an icecream maker!! this is a bowl of ecstacy for me!! especially with the mango flavour.

  22. aww..I just wana pop those balls into ma mouth..howpretty they are Aqua..:)

  23. Delicious mango icecream ... Perfect for the summer ....

  24. Yummy Ice cream. Good for this hot weather:).

  25. The recipe sound great.
    I am unable to get the ice cream to set in an electric icecream maker. Any tips ?


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