Thursday, June 4, 2009

Announcing RCI: Mumbai Street Food

Thank You, Lakshmi, for giving me the opportunity to host your very popular RCI.

My choice for this month's RCI is Mumbai Street Food.

But what is so special about 'Mumbai' street food, you might ask. After all, street food is something that is inherent to almost every other nukkad (street corner) in almost every corner of India.

The city is dotted with street carts selling a wide variety of food - the tourist popular places of Chowpatty or Juhu , the very famous but pricey chaats at Elco arcade, the sardar's dhaba at Linking Road that sells delicious tandoori fish and tandoori chicken, the delicious desserts at Bachelor's on Marine Drive, the delectable kebabs and phirnis at Mohd. Ali road, the late night hot spot of Bade Miyan, the hawkers outside almost every college in the city, the masala chai stalls scattered all across the city, the greasy hakka noodles..... the list seems almost endless!

While to many of us street food is just an indulgence - something to eat when the craving for something delicious strikes - like chaats and vadas and samosas and bhajjis and kulfis and golas (crushed ice lolly dunked in flavoured sugar syrup), to some others, street food is what they turn to for their meals - like the jhunka bhakri (gram flour gravy served with Indian bread) or the very humble sandwich or piping hot idlis and dosas.

And that to me is the essence of street food in Mumbai - that there something to suit every palate, every need and every pocket - at almost any time of the day.

So, let's celebrate the street food of Mumbai in this month's RCI.

There is a wide array of food to choose from, so just give your desire for lip-smacking food a free run!

1. Make any Mumbai street food and post it in your blog from now until June 30, 2009.

2. Archived posts are welcome, so long as they are re-posted for this event.

3. Multiple entries are (more than) welcome, but restricted to 4 per blog.

4. Link your post to this announcement and Lakshmi's RCI page. Use the logo wherever possible, though this is not mandatory.

5. Mail your entries to servedwithlove.aquadaze(at)gmail(dot)com with the following details:

Your name
Blog name and blog URL
Entry name and URL
A picture of your entry

Hope you join me in celebrating Mumbai's street food with all your delicious entries!!


  1. WOw i love the theme, pity you just choosed only bombay.

  2. oh my perfect theme for me..i love chats and street food and will send some..happy hosting gal :)

  3. Great theme. My last post is paani puri. I shall update the post and mail you.

  4. Hey, count us in, shall send you something

  5. hey AD,
    wonderful theme...will get to see many chat pata entries :) happy hosting!

  6. Nice theme.....Would love to take part in this...:)

  7. Amazing snacklicious chaatlicious gonna have chaat daily in the evening till June 30 in respect of your theme..sigh...u in mumbai?? lucky gal!!

  8. Oh My God! I could just give you a big hug for choosing Mumbai street food. Count me in for sure!:-D

  9. Awesome theme Aqua!!! shall send in some entries!!!

  10. Nice theme! Will definitely try to participate!

  11. have mentioned most of my favorite joints in Mumbai...Elco arcade, Bachelors and Bade Miyan, Ive eaten at these places almost every week...feel like taking the next flight back home:)...sending you one entry that I posted just last week...hope to send you more.

  12. This is an event after my heart. I dig the street food here, and can even think of what I want to make right now.

  13. this is such a lovely theme. good luck

  14. Wat a lovely theme, will send my entries soon!!

  15. What a nice theme.My email box is getting loaded with requests for Mumbai Street Food.This gives me an excuse to blog something different.Count me in

  16. Ah! This is perfect - I love chaats and street food!

  17. looking forward to the outcome..u can take the girl out of mumbai, but never the mumbainess out of the girl :)


  19. Check Pav Bhaji as an entry for RCI on
    I have also sent you an email

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  22. I wish I can visit India one of these days and will try those street food you're talking here, I've always been interested in Indian food, but unfortunately nothing is available here in our country except for chicken curry and that's it, but I love it, it's one of my all time favorite.


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