Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Black And White Wednesday: The Very Last Drop

Susan, my daughter would like to thank you for starting Black and White Wednesday. Why? Well, a few days ago, I was taking pictures for this post. The daughter was sitting next to me, eating some ice cream. She then put the bowl to her mouth to lick the bowl clean. Quickly, I took a picture of her licking the bowl.

Then, as I was reviewing the picture, I realised that it would look much nicer if taken in B&W (yes, of course I had Black and White Wednesday on my mind). So, I called her and offered to scoop her some more ice cream. She was a little surprised as I never volunteer second helpings of ice cream unless she asks for it. But I had pictures to click!

So she had some more ice cream and I had my B & W picture!


  1. Of course she would like to thank her! This is such a yummy click Aqua. reminds me of when my five year olds eats his ice cream. Only if they ate other foods with the same relish. :-)

  2. So charming and full of life! Please tell you daughter I was happy to oblige. ; )

    Thank you, Aqua, for your lovely image. I will be starting to load the first batch of shots to the gallery shortly.

    Hope you and yours are enjoying your new home after so much strain. Settle in and be happy!

  3. So cute :) Love the click :)

  4. Very cute and sweet. I too like to lick my bowls, especially, if it has chocolate in it :)

  5. beautiful click


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