Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Handbag Cake

So there is this young girl - a friend's daughter - who wanted me to bake her a chocolate cake for her 9th birthday.

I directed her here and asked her to choose her cake. I anticipated a barbie cake or a princess cake or some such. But it seems I am not synch with the times - nine year olds, it seems, have outgrown the barbie etc phase and have moved on to things more chic and fashionable. She chose a handbag cake (she wanted it in blue and green to match her party favors), adding sweetly, "it is ok if you don't make the handbag cake, you can bake me just a chocolate cake".

Though a handbag cake was something I had never done before, I knew that it only looks difficult and time-consuming to make.

I used the same chocolate cake recipe as here, froze it for a couple of hours before cutting it in the shape of a handbag and then used fondant to cover the cake. Yes, as simple as that! All it requires is a steady hand and some precision in measuring and cutting the fondant.

Now, I am waiting for another little girl (or boy) to ask me to bake her (or him) a cake!

And if you think this cake is nice, do a google image search for handbag cakes....you will be astounded at the cakes you see there!!


  1. Ur pics are delectable...

    theres a kid's bday comin up..any ideas?
    thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Hope i have found a frequent guest in you!:)


  2. My constant crib is that my pix aren't good enough, so your comment is so encouraging :)

  3. Marvelous,I'm not sure I could ever bake such a cute handbag cake:)

  4. Navita, just go through the link in the post, i can assure you, you will not be short of ideas for the kid's bday.
    Yasmeen, thank you :)

  5. I haven't made a handbag cake yet...my girls are too young! they're still interested in disney stuff! Yours looks great! fantastic job!

  6. My first time here, & what a treasure box this is. Could not believe my eyes... that purse could be a cake!! its unreal, how hands can make such beauties!

  7. cakebrain, this is such a compliment coming from someone as accomplished as yourself in cake decoration!
    soma, welcome to my blog, I hope to keep your interest alive!!

  8. You have a lovely blog :) I'm especially impressed with the handbag cake. I will be attempting a fondant covered cake soon - my first attempt and I'm terrified. Oh, did I mention it was for a wedding. Yikes!

    Thanks for visiting. Come back anytime :)

  9. I have to say that your cake are really very impressive. You are quite creative.
    Lucky little girl, she got her cake.:)

  10. Thanks aparna. dee, am sure your cake's gonna be fab!

  11. ohhh this is such a cute bag. lovely.. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comments. i like your blog too.. interesting recipes u have.

  12. thanks mahimaa, visits and comments from prolific bloggers like yourself really make my day!

  13. first time here...great blog ....coming to the cake,one should have more patiency for doing this..really amazing work!!


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