Thursday, May 5, 2011

Of Chalks and Chopsticks

To tell you the truth, I have never received as many e-mails from my blog readers for my recipes as I have for our food fiction event Of Chalks and Chopsticks. I was surprised and delighted to know that even non - bloggers enjoyed reading all the food fiction that we had been churning.

Then a few days ago, there was a mail from Sra proposing that we revive the event. With a few inputs coming in from Desi Soccer Mom and Bong Mom, Of Chalks and Chopsticks is now back, with a bit of a twist.

Hop over to Sra's blog to find out more and then start spinning your yarns!

(I have disabled the comments on this post, please post all comments and queries on Sra's blog)

It is not just about the ingredients or the recipe, good food happens when it is served with love!!

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