Thursday, February 24, 2011

Carrot Cake

"But we don't like carrot cake", I told him, my voice slightly laced with a little disappointment.

It was night, not at all late by our standards - barely quarter past nine - but in the small town that we were spending a few days holidaying, it might as well have been midnight. Shops and restaurants were shut; even this cafe had its shutters halfway down. We were craving something sweet and while the dessert list boasted things such as Death By Chocolate, New York Cheesecake and Tiramisu, all that was left in the cafe when we walked in was a slice of carrot cake.

"Try mine, you will change your mind about carrot cake", he said confidently.
It was love at first bite and early next morning, we were back at the cafe, ready for more carrot cake. In fact, for the rest of our stay, we religiously dropped in at the cafe each morning for some carrot cake.

Before we left, I casually requested him for his carrot cake recipe, expecting a 'no' for an answer. I was aghast when he produced a print-out of the recipe.

Check it out forthis recipe is, without any exaggeration, the best carrot cake ever. Seriously. The best carrot cake ever!

Edited to add... My apologies to anyone who lands on this page and doesn't find a recipe. Please email me for the recipe.


  1. I don't like carrot cakes either but this looks gorgeous

  2. Ilove tht butterscothc cream. Ane the muffin shaped ones just look so so beautiful.

  3. Yummm, those muffins looks soo cute and tempting..
    Butterscotch cream frosting makes me drool,thanks for sharing..

  4. wow, that is quite a story of conversion. Somehow even I am not a big fan of carrot cake, if I have other options. I may try this to get converted.

  5. love the cake. would love to try it out very much but what is burnt butter btw

  6. Just wanna lick that icing:)Looks delish

  7. Looks gorgeous!So delicious..Yummy clicks...

  8. I used to hate carrot cakes too, but after my mum made it for me, I'm in love with it...even without the icing...(but better with the icing... :P)

  9. Hi,

    Recently cam across your blog and landed directly on the carrot cake recipe. Like you I was not a fan a this cake, nor was my husband. But reading through your blog, I was intrigued and really wanted to try it. My husband was not very enthusiastic, but I thought I ll give it a shot anyway.. your pictures were really irresistible. Needless to say, we all loved it a lot. One of the best cakes I ve tried at home. Its as good as it looks. Thanks for sharing...:)...


  10. What a decadent and gorgeous carrot cake! Came here following the url from Twitter :) I missed it out the texture. Might try minus the eggs sometime.

  11. This cake looks AMAZING. I was thinking of trying it in cupcake form. Do you know how many cupcakes it makes?



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