Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Every time I go to India, there is a family gathering featuring an assortment of aunts, uncles and some cousins. Oh, I really love these family get-togethers. It feels great to meet the extended family after long intervals and exchange notes on all that's been happening in our lives. The evening stretches long and the chatter is endless. Food and drink flow; starters, main courses and desserts happily inter-mingle. Photographs are passed around and gossip is shared.

The family get-together last December when I went to Pune was no different, except that at some point in the evening, the conversation suddenly veered to recollections of "what Aqua did when she was young".

I must have been some kind of a nut, for everyone had some incident or the other to share, every incident seemed more embarrassing than the previous one and all I wanted to do was burrow a hole somewhere and hibernate till the evening came to an end!

But what really took the cake was what my aunt had to say. About the time when I helped myself to spoonfuls of cake batter. Apparently, she was baking her famous chocolate fudge cake and left the kitchen after preparing the batter while waiting for the oven to heat up. It seems, unable to resist her greed, yours truly tiptoed into the kitchen and ate up some batter! And then denied it, in spite of remnants of the batter sound her lips.

She had brought along that very chocolate fudge cake for the evening; not only did she give me a large slice but also (finally!) parted with her fabulous recipe.

Very chocolately with just a hint of vanilla, this super moist cake can stand on its own without any frosting. You won't stop at just one slice, of that I am certain!


Unsalted butter: 90 gms
Sugar: 200 gms
Vanilla essence: 1 tsp
Eggs: 2
Cocoa: 40 gms
All purpose flour: 200gms
Baking soda: 1/2 tsp
Salt: 1/4 tsp (omit if using salted butter)
Hot water: 90 ml
Buttermilk: 180 ml


Sift together the flour, baking soda and salt.
Blend the cocoa into the hot water, stir well so that no lumps remain.

Cream together the butter and sugar till light and fluffy. Add the essence and beat a minute.

Add the eggs, one at a time, beating for a minute after you add each egg.

Now add the buttermilk and the cocoa mixture alternately to the batter, starting and ending with the buttermilk. The mixture will be very watery at this point.

Finally, fold in the flour to get a smooth batter.

Pre-heat the oven for 10 mins and bake in a tube pan at 200 deg C for 40 mins or until a skewer inserted comes out clean.


My aunt sometimes adds coffee to this cake. If you decide to add coffee, omit the vanilla essence and instead mix 1.5 tsps of coffee to the hot water along with the cocoa.
I feel that adding cinnamon would do wonders to the taste, the next time I plan to ditch both vanilla and coffee in favour of cinnamon. Will definitely keep you posted!

The recipe states a baking time of 40 mins, but it took me 50 mins to bake mine. So, I would recommend that you set the timer for 40 mins and bake in 10 min increments, if the cake is not done.

I don't have a tube pan and instead baked it in a bundt pan. Whilst my aunt's cake has scarcely any cracks, mine had a few. So I guess this cake is best baked in a tube pan.

Since chocolate is always associated with Valentine's Day, sending this chocolate fudge cake to Nina who is hosting a Bake-a-Cake event as part of Valentine's Day celebrations.


  1. Beautiful chocolate fudge cake.

  2. lol aqua:) nice reading about ur time spent with for the mischievious kid that u were ..pssst I too was a batter chor ;)
    Ur aunts recipe seems promising ...the click says it all!

  3. That's one tempting slice on the plate.

  4. That surely looks a promising cake and it was fun reading how every body pulled ur leg. Poor aqua...but I am sure u must have enjoyed that..only people who love you can do that.

  5. Wow! You got me drooling over this decadent cake! Will bookmark and try this out.. Great to come across your space!

  6. Oh, I have to make this one! The slice of cake looks so tempting.

  7. This cake is looking so yummy....cant wait to try

  8. wow.. that cake looks so moist...can feel n smell chocolate sitting right here..

  9. Looks moist and I like the way it's fluffy in the middle, great recipe.

  10. Wow, that cake looks glorious, so rich and moist. I'm starving here at lunch time and staring at that pic is NOT helping matters. Have no fear, Cinnamon will be a winner, i tried a chocolate cinnamon rum cake once, it was quite a heady rush of that cinnamon fragrance and choco taste.

  11. That looks so yumm... And moist! Love it.

  12. Absolutely divine, feel like having a slice...yummmmm!

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  14. Looks moist and yummy!!!

  15. Family get togethers are so much fun and I really miss them. Ur aunts recipe sounds wonderful...wish I could grab that slice from the screen.

  16. LOL, u were a naughty gal, everyone had something to tell...
    The cake looks heavenly tasty!

  17. This is fantastic, thanks so much for sharing, I got a new bundt pan and I'm very eager to give it a go.

  18. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your lovely comment! you have a great space here and this chocolate cake seems to be yummm and as it is I am big chocoholic and cant resist chocolate at all :)

  19. LOL @ ur cake batter prank... Choco cake looks so moist n yum.. Cant resist drooling ;)

  20. bring it looks delish. Oh ho, I seem to have given the same name for my cheese cake :) Thats the first name that came to my mind..

    I added mascarpone cheese along with cream castor sugar..and no topping(keeping fit you know)..

    Homemade cheese cake is the best like u say, I often drink-slurp the cake before it sets in the fridge..

  21. A decadent, rich chocolatey cake, yum! Thanks so much for stopping at my site, keep in touch!

  22. Beautiful one.Rich and sinful.Thanks for sending it for my event.

  23. lol Aqua...childhood memories always bring in a smile.... the cake looks sinfully luscious......

  24. Cake looks fantastic! I love to use buttermilk in my baking though we dont get buttermilk here in india but it sure enhances the taste of the cake, right?

  25. Fudge cake looks awesome..:):).I think I'll try it with Coffee and Cinnamon..Oooooh the thought itself is giving me a high!!!

  26. I am drooling misty eyed over the family get togethers, the meals and the chatter.

  27. Ha....perfect results....receiving the recipe after endless teasing!!!!!

  28. came thru divyas blog....loved it at first sighht, so following you...will visit often here:)


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