Friday, December 11, 2009

Snowman Cake - Cake Decoration with Fondant Icing: A Step by Step Guide

I personally think fondant is too cloyingly sweet, but there are 2 things that must be said in its defense - one, that kids seem to absolutely love it and two, it is the easiest way to decorate a cake, especially for those just venturing into cake decoration.

Being very pliable, you can roll it, mould it and shape it any which way you want to. But what exactly is fondant? It is essentially a mixture of water, sugar and gelatin. I always buy ready-to-roll fondant, but you can even make it yourself.

So, roll your sleeves and lets get decorating with fondant. Follow the first 7 steps from my previous post and then proceed as follows:

Knead a ball of the fondant with your hands till it feels soft and pliable, much like moulding clay/play doh. Use corn starch if needed. Line your work space with some parchment paper. Roll it with a rolling pin, using some corn flour for dusting should it get too sticky.

Invert the parchment paper over the cake and then slowly peel it off. Careful here, as the fondant does tend to tear easily.

BTW, do ensure that your parchment paper is free of any creases, for they will get transferred onto the icing. I learnt it the hard way!

Smooth the fondant with your hands, starting at the centre and moving outwards and on to the sides of the cake. Should any air bubbles form, use a toothpick to remove them. Trim off the excess fondant hanging from the sides of the cake. Don't worry about the creases, smooth them over with your fingertips (do dab them with corn starch as and how required).

Let it sit on the cake for about an hour or two, then decorate as desired.

Isn't he cute? I just gave him a muffler and even though his trademark black hat is mising, he seems all set to Jingle at Priyanka's Christmas Event!

Oh, and if you must know, I missed my blog's first anniversary which was in November but fortunately, the Snowman comes just in time for my 100th post!

Should you need any ideas for any Christmas cakes and cookies, do take a look at my Christmas Stocking Cake , the Yule Log and the Holiday Lights Cookie Tree.


  1. wow!!!!!!!! you are a great baker.Lovely cake decoration

  2. Beautiful cake you will become a expert cake decorator and i totally agree about fondant

  3. thnks a ton Aqua for this lovely entry,..;-)

  4. Congrats on your 100th post. Snowman surely looks terrific. Keep going girl.

  5. Congrats Aqua, snowman cake looks fantastic and my little one is asking to make out this cake for christmas party..

  6. That is beautiful! Your creation makes me want to try out fondant. Happy Anniversary and Congrats on the 100th post!

  7. Happy Anniversary and wish many more creations... A very happy snowman-terrific!

  8. Wow, that is such a beautiful cake! öovely!



  9. Superb dear.....Really beautiful..

  10. Wow, so cute! I have never used fondant before.

  11. Too cute! Love the idea of snowman in the frosting!

  12. This is just so adorable... just adorable.. I love it... I've never really worked with fondant before.

  13. Hi AD,
    :) Thanks a lot for remembering me :) just a little busy with guests, attending functions,visiting relatives, shopping and a dollop of laziness to top it all;)that's why am not blogging dear, not cooking anything khas that's blog worthy...neways wow love your snow man! so damn cute, very tastefully done :) it reflects ur excitement for the season :)
    Have fun!
    Happy Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family!!!
    God Bless

  14. Congrats on your 100 the post!!

  15. ah.. that's a cute cake.looks pretty :)

  16. perfect cake..happy aniversary

  17. Congrats on your 100th post...the snowman cake looks so cute, love it!

  18. Wow the cake looks really cute and adorable!


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