Friday, September 11, 2009

See you all....iss break ke baad!!

Not updated my blog in over two weeks - YES
Visited all your lovely blogs only sporadically - YES
Not participated in events - YES
Posted entries for events and not mailed them on time - YES

Doesn't this happen when one is on a break?

Hmmm....I have been really busy and though every night I'd sit with the laptop willing myself to update the blog and go blog hopping, all I really wanted to do was sleep!!

Guess this means that I am on a break! I will see you all in the first week of October. Till then, happy cooking!


  1. same happens with me too,..:-)ceeya soon,,,

  2. Hi AD,
    Take ur time and completely enjoy ur break :) see u doubly rejuvinated on the other side of ur break...waiting to read ur zabardast writing too!
    Keep up the good work lady!!
    God Bless!

  3. Have a nice break and see you back soon recharged.

  4. Have a great break. Sometimes one needs it to get recharged. :)

  5. same happens for im pregnent, i didn post too much for last4months..wish to b as wl take d way u said u wr on break, dat i liked very much.. :)


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