Monday, July 6, 2009

Strawberries and (not) Cream

I was supposed to post the round up of RCI - Mumbai Street Food today, but then last night, he became the greatest tennis player ever.

Roger Federer regained his Wimbledon crown and won 15 Grand Slam titles. Apparently, it was a thrilling match. I say 'apparently' because it was a match I didn't watch. You see after Federer lost the first set and was down 2-6 in the second set tie breaker, I didn't have the stomach to watch anymore, certain as I was that he was going to lose in straight sets!

Around 4 in the morning, I tiptoed into the living room and switched on the TV, expecting to hear my belief confirmed - imagine how thrilled I was to find just the opposite!

Fitting therefore that I serve some Strawberries and Cream today(my version is without cream though), in true Wimbledon tradition!

It is said that every year almost - hold your breath - 27,000 kilos of strawberries and 7000 litres of cream are consumed during the Championship fortnight (source - BBC: BluePeter sports section and

There was a time when we would happily tuck in strawberries and mangoes with cream, but these days, I try making my desserts as healthy as they possibly can get and so I've been using hung yogurt in place of cream - and we absolutely don't feel the difference, neither in terms of the texture or the taste.

Strawberries and (not) Cream


Strawberries - 20, cut into half
Yoghurt - 500 ml, hung for about 6-8 hrs
Icing Sugar - 3 tbsps (more or less depending on how sour the yogurt is)
Caster Sugar - 2 tsps
Vanilla essence - 1/4 tsp


Macerate the strawberries in the caster sugar for about 15 mins.

Whip the hung yogurt, the icing sugar and the vanilla essence for about 5-10 mins until light and fluffy.

Place a spoonful of the strawberries in a bowl and pipe the whipped yogurt on top, layer with another spoon of the strawberries and finish off with the whipped yoghurt. Drizzle some of the strawberry juice on top.

Delicious, light and healthy! Go ahead, indulge!!

Sending this to Simran who is hosting AWED: Britain, event started by DK.

This is also my entry to ClickJuly 2009: Bi-Color hosted by Jugalbandi.


  1. This such a lovely picture and looks soo good.

  2. Thats healthy dessert, m shocked 27000 kilos of strawberries..gosh thats too much!

  3. Healthy & delicious dessert .. Nice picture dear ...

  4. Wow! nice pics ..lovely recipe !:)

  5. Beautiful Picture and a very healthy and delicious dessert.

  6. hello AD,
    Wo!what a way to celebrate RF's win :) it really was a gripping match. I though felt really sorry for Roddick. He played well to stretch RF.
    Hmmm...the hung curd substituted for cream is a healthy option :) looks gorgeous too!!

  7. Wow that is a delicious healthy dessert :)

  8. So u r a hardcore RF fan? what a win and what a celebration?
    Those pics look delicious and I also like that u used yogurt instead.

  9. Wow wat a gorgeous desserts:)

  10. You missed the was so thrilling! But thats the perfect dessert for a celebration n yogurt is such a better option. I actually prefer its taste.

  11. But I was on with the match..thrilling..haha..but you gave an emotional write up there..
    terrfic pictures !!

  12. Looks out of the world delicious!!!

  13. Looks awesome..gud tht u didn't use cream...wonderful

  14. you consumed too little strawberry n no cream at all.........after all the figures you quoted......
    i love hung curd in desserts....with mangoes is my fav ...would love to try with look beautiful.

  15. Just gorgeous! Lovthe Wimbledon tradition, & love your take on it!!

  16. absolutely healthy dessert and the pics are gorgeous....

  17. Wow! I'm always on the lookout for a quick, low fat sugar fit.. this totally fits the bill! thanks.

  18. Since I don't like cream very much, I'm all in favour of your delicious starwberries with yogurt.

  19. we did not watch:-( but can imagine the how that amount of strawberry piles to that number. we have been indulging like crazy:-)

    Like the Not cream version... really really guilt free now.

  20. Wow that looks so delish..lovely click...

  21. Hi, it's a very great blog.
    I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
    Keep doing!

  22. Oh God.....those statistics are really breath taking....Really a awesome way to celebrate the RF win.....Love the layered arrangement....

  23. looks so refreshin aqua,..;-)


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