Monday, May 11, 2009

My Favourite Things: Frozen Desserts - The Round Up

What agony - I came back from my short break to find my blogger and gmail ID disabled!! My apologies for the delayed round-up and more importantly, to all of you who tried to send in your entries only to find your mails bouncing back. I really regret the inconvenience.

Ladies, before you settle in your chairs to read this round-up, I strongly urge you to change into your gym gear. For though a lot of the frozen desserts here are low in fat and as healthy as desserts can possibly get, there are just so many here that I think you will definitely need to head to the gym at the end of the round up!!


Bindiya of In Love with Food makes this deliciously tangy, guilt - free Frozen Pineapple Yogurt.

Supriya of Queen of My Kitchen combines two of her favourite flavours - mango and saffron -to make this awesome Mango Saffron Frozen Yogurt.

Not having an ice cream maker didn't deter Lavanya of Vividha Ruchulu from making this lovely coloured Strawberry Yogurt Icecream.

With the mercury slowly inching up, Asha of Foodie's Hope whipped up this easy to make Mango Frozen Yogurt.

Parita of Parita's World combines strawberries, blueberries and raspberries to make her Mixed Berries Frozen Yogurt.

I (aka Aquadaze of Served With Love) made Strawberry Swirl Frozen Yogurt.


Dhanya of My Home Cooking makes a this creamy Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream ....what's more, it's eggless!

And now that she has an ice cream maker, Lavanya of Vividha Ruchulu just had to make creamy Mango Ice Cream that she'd been craving for!

Maya of Konkan World makes a unique combination of raspberries and mangoes in this Mango Raspberry Ice Cream

Another very unusual pairing - Cashew and Orange Ice Cream, this comes from Notyet100 of Asankhana.

Malini of Khana Khazana with Malini makes French Vanilla Ice Cream and serves it up as an Ice Cream Sandwich and an Ice Cream Sundae.


Prathibha of the Chef and her Kitchen celebrates her 50th post with this delicious Mango Kulfi, enhanced by the addition of nuts and saffron!

Who can resist kulfi falooda? Easy Crafts of Simple Indian Food makes falooda from scratch, find out all about it here.

Priya of Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes celebrates her 500th post with this delicious Kulfi made the traditional way, without resorting to any short-cuts!

Bindiya of In Love with Food makes Summer Cool Kulfi in two ways, read all about it here.

Ramya of Passion for Cooking, inspired by Kulfis being made all over the blogsphere, makes her own version of Aam Kulfi.


Simran of Bombay Foodie makes this delighfully red and very healthy Watermelon Sorbet to beat the Bombay heat.

PJ of Seduce your Tastebuds makes this very different Japanese Green Tea Sorbet.

Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes packs in the benefits of cantaloupe melon in this flavourful, low calorie Cantaloupe Granita.


Though technically not frozen desserts, I have included these as they need to be chilled before they can be relished.

Ramya of Ramya Cooks makes this awesome, no bake Mango Mirror Cheesecake.

From Ramya of Passion for Cooking, here's the irrestible Aam Khand.

From Indrani of Appyayan comes this easy to make Caramel Custard.

I am a firm believer that even though you have some very good brands of frozen desserts in the market, nothing beats the goodness of home made ones. With or without an ice cream maker, it is possible to make awesome Frozen Desserts at home. After reading all these delicious frozen desserts, I am sure you won't lack in inspiration to make different Frozen Desserts at home this summer!

Thank you all very much for your participation in My Favourite Things: Frozen Desserts and thank you Bindiya, for this super opportunity to host My Favourite Things. Head over to Poornima's where she hosting this month's My Favourite Things: Cheese.


  1. Lovely roundup....perfect for this summers..glad that i participated in this..

  2. Now it will get even more tough to decide on the dessert ..even one of them is so lovely

  3. A very meaningful round up..

  4. An excellent roundup Aqua...Prefect to try for summer...

  5. great round many yummy frozen deserts to savour in this year's unbearable summer....

  6. Hi AD,
    Hope u had a great vacation :)
    Whoa!wonderful sluuuuuuuuurp...round up,seeing this many people's diet will go for a toss ;)
    good job!Summer sure comes with a lot of

  7. You have done a superb job!, what a delicious roundup!!

  8. Wonderful roundup..everything is so yum

  9. Lovely collection! I've bookmarked a few to try.

  10. Delicious ideas for the upcoming summer!

  11. Lovely roundup..Missed the event..

  12. Nice round up. Just in time for summer.

  13. Amazing round up and love the way its put up here...

  14. Nice round up:). A lot of cool recipes. You did an awesome job dear:).

  15. awesome round new to ur blog..its really superb..

  16. oh wow Aqua..your page is looking so pretty today with all those yummy things..:)

  17. what a delicious round-up, aqua!! I just wish i couldve participated! didnt know i could send in chilled desserts :-(

  18. lovely round up ..thank u visiting my blog n leavin comment..i hope u wl cm ofter nw..

  19. While visiting Disney World's Magic Kingdom, we came across a frozen pineapple smoothie type treat that was outstanding. The frozen pineapple yogurt made me think of it. I wonder if I could replicate it? I would have never thought of frozen pineapple yogurt. Thanks for giving me the idea : )


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