Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rounding up the Walnuts and Pecans

Drool Alert: before you read this post, get yourselves some tissues. Don't drool all over my post or all over your keyboard :)

Thank you all for this delicious, delicious goodies!!

Cookies and assorted Sweet Treats:

It is embarrassing when you miss someone's entry. And terrible when you do it twice. Sorry Poornima, my sincere apologies for this.

I had absolutely fallen in love with these Chocolate Walnut Bars that Poornima made, take a look at these beauties, don't just drool - make them quick!!

Preety of Preety's Kitchen makes such delicious cookies, I don't even know which one to pick. What is more, each of these cookies, in addition to using the goodness of nuts, uses fruits for the added healthy and flavour twist! Check out her Thick Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies, Oatmeal Cookies with Surprise Inside, and Whole Wheat Soft Banana Cookies.

Using egg replacers, Priya of Priya's Easy and Tasty Recipes makes delicious Eggless Smarties and Walnut Cookies.

Ashwini of Nannaadige made eggless cookies with less sugar and followed it up with some absolutely delicious savoury cookies for her husband.....Eggless Pecan Cookies - Sweet and Savoury.

Happy Cook of My Kitchen Treasures takes cookies to a totally new dimension with her Cranberry and Dark Chocolate cookies - read all about them and drool!

Combine nuts with the tartness of cherries to make these delicious crumbly Cherry Nut Crescents a la Yasmeen of Health Nut!

Sangs of Fireworks in my Kitchen would regularly eat walnuts when she was pregnant, incorporating them in ice creams, cakes, muffins. She shares with us Walnut Raisin Bars, an easy to make, delicious and healthy snack!

Now, I'm a lady who can hold her drinks. Very well. But this one - Sweet Vodka Bites from Notyet100 of Asankhana - just knocked me off!

Ever wonder what "different" to make for breakfast or an evening snack? Try Preety's Apple Cinnamon Oats Pancakes! Packed with flavour and health, these pancakes can win over the most fussy eaters, I am sure.

Cakes n Bakes

Fennel in a cake? It sure was a first time for me. But Asha of Aroma Hope makes this awesome Carrot Wanut Cake which is infused with fennel and orange resulting in a tongue tingling delight!

In a lovely twist to the Italian torte, Navita of Zaayeka whips up a storm of flavours with her Persimmon Walnut Torta Claudia a la mode.

Chocoholics, rejoice.....Bindiya of In Love With Food shares her Dense Dark Fudgy Brownies - intensely chocolatety, these are the best brownies she's ever had.

Like muffins? Try Preety's Banana Coconut Muffins. Don't they sound delicious?

Have unexpected guests at home? Take a cue from Priya of Priya's Easy and Tasty Recipes and make these awesome Microwave Brownies!

Ever tried your hand at making Blondies? Seeing these Blondies that Snooky Doodle of Snooky Doodle Cakes made, I am very very tempted to make these...I am sure, you will all fall in love with these as well.

I love caramel and therefore was very excited to read about these Caramel Brownies that Sowmya of Creative Saga made.

Want a fuss free, sweat free quick treat? Ashwini's Five Minute Nutty Fudge absolutely fits the bill!

Renuka of Fusion makes her Brownies with cocoa powder. Easy to put together, yet so delicious that she needs to make another batch soon after!

Swapna of Cooking with Swapna comes up with this fuss free, rum infused Rich Fruit Cake. Need I say anything more? Delicious. Yummy. Awesome...you get the picture, right?

Look at the picture...doesn't it say moist and dense? Preety's Best Zucchini bread is dark, dense, moist, sweet and flavourful.

Bananas and walnuts are just made for each other, their distinctive flavours complement each other very well and Yasmeen uses them to make this super moist, vegan Walnut Banana Bread.

And while you are here, do take a minute to take a look at my Pecan Butter Cake with Caramelised Butter frosting.


Get your pie dishes out - for one look at this delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie sent in by Aparna of Sumi's Kitchen will make you want to try it out as well!

Yasmeen whips up this lovely Sweet Potato Pie...when she makes something, you can be sure it's gonna be healthy and yes, droolicious!

Curries, Soups and Pestos

Whenever I check Soma's blog Ecurry, I am assured of finding something unique. I am sure you will all agree after you read all about her Cauliflower tagine with Walnut Mint Couscous.

I absolutely love pesto and I have always used basil to make mine. Now basil is not something I always have in the fridge. Cilantro is always there though. So when Cham of Spice Club sent in this Farfalle with Cilantro Pesto, I was thrilled!

Just slurp Yasmeen's nutritious Mushroom Walnut Soup, creamy, nutty, tasty and healthy....what more would you want?!!

I made Fusilli in Sundried Tomato Pesto, do take a look!

Hope you enjoyed this array of walnut and pecan delights! This month, Let's Go Nuts is being hosted by JZ of Tasty Treats. Do cook with Almonds and send it to her ASAP!!


  1. lovely round up..love each of those entries..

  2. Yummy, i Love your break down on all the dishes = )

  3. Amazing roundup, loads of delicious treats!!!

  4. YUMMO!! Great collection sweetie, one is better than the other, chockful of nuts too! :))

  5. Good going Aqua.. Lovely. I will try to participate in the Almonds.. my fav nut:-) but this month is really really busy for me.

  6. Will surely send something in for Almonds!

  7. Such wonderful recipes at one place....looks yum....tht's a nice roundup dear...

  8. Beautiful and delicious roundup? Thankyou for hosting.

  9. gr8 recipe collection..everything looks soo yumm

  10. Wow round up..each one is useful.thanks dear

  11. Wonderful roundup, every single one of these looks yum and inviting !

  12. Did someone wet yet, if not blow with the dryer ur post. I am drooling! Great job!

  13. loved wht u did for the round up ;)

  14. I dont think I can get enough tissues :)
    Too bad we missed this event. Will be more watchful in future.
    Great post and a fantastic round up!

  15. Very well presented ,thanks!

  16. beautiful round-up.. lots of deliciousness! :o)

  17. Great Roundup Aquadaze..there s a lot to see ,drool n learn here..:)

  18. What a great roundup. Everything looks so good.

  19. lovely round up... no pecans this side of the world... but walnuts are aplenty

  20. inspite of reading ur warning i went ahead and checked the posts. now i regreat doing that ;)

  21. Am so delighted (and relieved) that you all liked the round up! Look forward to seeing you all at JZ's with loads of almonds.

  22. the round-up sure is drool-worthy!! hope the enthusiasm will last for Almonds too! :-)


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