Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rounding up the Peanuts Part II

Hope you relished Part I of the round up. Here's Part II of the round -up.

(If I have inadvertently missed any of your entries in the round up, please leave me a message, I will pick up the entry from your blog directly).


The simplest of vegetables have their taste enhanced with the addition of peanuts as you will discover when you make these:

Supriya of Queen of my kitchen sends an explosion flavours with her Tofu and veggies in peanut ginger sauce!

Priya of Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes makes a Ridgegourd Peanuts Curry, the way her grandma used to make it .

Shama from Easy2cook recipes sends in this very unique Ladies finger in thick peanut gravy.

Meera of Enjoy Indian Food makes the very yummy quintessential Maharashtrian fasting dish Shendanyachi amti (peanut stew).

You've got to try the hot and spicy Mirchi ka salan from Yasmeen of Health Nut

Srivalli of Cooking 4 all seasons adds a lovely nutty twist in her cauliflower sukhi with peanuts.

Notyet100 of Asankhana makes this Potato peanut bhaji and Dal dhokali .

Hema of Adlak's Kitchen makes Peanut potato crunchy, a crunchy potato treat and Peanut Masala a very different accompaniment to rice/rotis.


Its been said that the easiest way of adding nuts to your diet is to simply sprinkle them on food. Hema and Shama lead the way in adding them on rice in these delicious rice dishes:

Shama of Easy2cook recipes sends in these:

Puliyotharia/Tamarind rice

Lemon rice

Sprouted dals multi protein rice

Coconut rice

From Hema of Adlak's Kitchen, we have:

Iyengar's Puliodharai aka tamarind rice

Lemony Lemon - a tangy tasty masala bath

Peanut Cup Rice, a lovely way to spice up good ol' rice!

And while you are here, do check out my entries for the event - Soba Noodles in Orange Peanut Dressing and Jeera Alu with Peanuts.

Hope you have enjoyed going nutty with Peanuts. And don't forget to join me for Let's Go Nuts: Walnuts and Pecans. Looking forward to your entries!


  1. i dont know how i missed this event :-( I use peanuts a lot. Nice round up, btw.

    Hey, i love your blog name 'Served with love'..that is very sweet :)

  2. hey I too somwhow missed this event, I had a dish that I could have sent ..

    Nice round - up

  3. Puliyogare looks mouthwatering there! :)

  4. oops I missed the peanuts event!

    the entries look awesome, aquadaze! great job on the round-up!

    let me see what i can send in for the walnuts and pecans one! :-)

  5. Ayyo, I'm posting a recipe tomorrow with peanuts!

  6. Go peanuts!
    thanks for accepting my late entry:)

  7. Such a tasty n healthy roundup Aqua..all are yummy..:)

  8. Real neat collection yaar! I missed sending anything, as i hardly use peanuts in cooking:-(. All these recipes are an inspiration..

  9. Thanx for a really wonderful round-up and for hosting :)

  10. gr8 and nice round up dear.. glad to c so many peanut vareities all at one place.. lovely.

  11. ENjoyed the second part...everything makes me hungry, splly the rice collections...yummy they r!!!

  12. Thanks Vibaas, glad you liked the name :)

    And hey, all of you who missed peanuts, no issues, we have a lot many more nuts coming in over the next few months, hope to see your entries for those.

    Glad that you all liked the round up, I was quite nervous about pulling it off.

  13. Peanuts can be used in so many ways!! Good round up.

  14. yummy entries,..lovely roundup,..


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